Vol. 2 No. 2 (2020): Creating a pattern (technological) move in India’s Education System: Pre & Post COVID-19

The lockdown has augmented implementation of digital technology. Business houses, educational institutes, analytics, computer, data management methods and online education solutions have been involuntary to work in pushbike and progress in quality and delivery time to switch such situations. This is an idyllic period to assess
and install new tools to make education delivery expressive to students who can’t go to precincts. It’s a chance to be more well-organized and creative while developing new and enhanced professional skills/knowledge through online learning and valuation. It is also a circumstance that use of technology in education is consequential in dissimilar concepts in the system, for instance the transfer from teacher-centric education to student-centric education. Across all segments and verticals to create an advantage” is well designed and premeditated for this fastidious issue (Volume-2 No.-2 Feb 2020) due to advent of technology in all the phase. In entireness we had acknowledged seven articles in various capacities with blended tactics and parade. The earliest and major articles categorization is Argument Based Credentials with three papers entitled/written by “Artificially Intelligent”-Arushi Verma, “Digital Payments and its Security”-Alok Raj, Nitin Jain & Surendra Singh Chauhan and finally a third ABC is “New Dimensions in Industry 4.0 (IoS: Internet of Skills)”- Nitin Garg & Nidhi Garg.The second nomenclature is Case Study in which we had a paper on “Data Breaches in Healthcare: A Case Study -AvishaRathee.The third nomenclature is Scrutiny Tip in which we had a paper, “Understanding the Vs of Big Data”- Manpreet Kaur. The fourth nomenclature is View point “Shifting of Video Conferencing Industry from Hardware based MCU to software Based MCU”- Vikas Dixit and finally a column by “Future of Technology”- Aryan Tiwari 

Published: 2020-05-12

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