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Vol. 2 No. 10 (2020): Vol. 2 No. 10 : October 2020
Published: 2020-10-16
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Cybernomics magazine aims at achieving the growing demands for understanding and addressing issue pertaining to real-worlds Cyber-Attacks, Cyber Threats, Cyber threat Intelligence, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism, Darknet and Crypto Currencies and threats to information infrastructures critical to the national security of country.

The magazine publishes articles and reviews in the areas including, but not limited to:
• Cyber Threats
• Cyber Warfare
• Darknet and Darkweb
• Cryptography and its applications
• Network and critical infrastructure security
• Hardware security
• Software and System security
• Cybersecurity data analytics
• Data-driven security
• Adversarial Reasoning
• Malware Analysis
• Privacy-enhancing technologies and anonymity
• IoT Security
• Blockchain Security
• Cryptocurrencies
• Machine Learning
• Big Data Analytics
• Artificial Intelligence
• Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security
•Cyber Risk and Data Protection