Vol. 1 No. 4 (2019): September 2019: Cognitive Informatics (CI) and Cognitive Computing (CC): A steps towards Integrating Cyber Security & IoT

In this new era of Cyber there are a number of changes that we would like to highlight to the periodical’s readers, as we are selfassured such changes will plead to an extensive range of academic and information technology interests. First, our periodical is a debut edition that has been collectively designed by our leadership team that aims to represent the global network of our community from cyber society. We recognize the importance of ensuring that our initiatives in an academic format would represents the work and research being conducted in all regions of the world, and at the same time also highlights key issues critical to technocrats not only in developed countries but also in low-resource countries. Second, the periodical will feature original articles that showcase important issues related to cyber and burgeoning terms which revolves around it.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Brain-Inspired Systems, Cognitive Computers, Cognitive Engineering, Cognitive Informatics, Cognitive Robotics, Cognitive Systems, Computational Intelligence, CWW, Deep Learning, Deep Reasoning, Deep Thinking, Denotational Mathematics, Knowledge Learning

Published: 2019-12-09

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