Augmented Reality: The present and the Future

  • Shivank Khanna Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) 4th Semester, Amity University Noida, India
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Heaps of us cherish playing computer games, on a console, PC, devices and so on yet it frequently draws out the kid inside from everybody of us. Over the coming ages these computer games have advanced a ton every now and then. It began with huge booth type machines which expended a ton of room and had a few hits like Super Mario, Pinball and so on and now we have little convenient PlayStations, cell phone which we can convey anyplace or wherever we need. Still the buyers are not fulfilled as most gaming substance offer just 2-D or 3-D point of view and comes up short on a genuine vibe to it. Also, there are heaps of diversions as yet being Developed. We right now have remote sticks which we can’t associate with the consoles in the market which is to some degree near reality as we can make recreations like golf, tennis, cricket by utilizing this stick as rackets, clubs or bats.


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